Posted by John on 25th Mar 2023

​Fly Fishing Delights: The Best Places to Cast Your Line in New York This April

As April approaches, fly fishing enthusiasts in New York gear up to embark on new adventures, exploring the state's abundant rivers and streams. The Empire State is home to a diverse array of trout species, making it a prime destination for fly fishing. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey to discover the best places to cast your line in New York this April.

  1. Beaverkill River

Nestled in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, the Beaverkill River is a legendary fly fishing destination. The river has earned its place in fly fishing history, thanks to its clear waters and rich aquatic life. In April, anglers can expect to find abundant Brown and Rainbow Trout, as well as the occasional Brook Trout. The river is also a popular spot for fishing the Hendrickson hatch, which usually starts in mid-April.

   2. Delaware River

The Delaware River is one of the most famous fly fishing destinations in the United States. The West Branch of the river is known for its wild Brown Trout and an occasional Rainbow Trout. April is a fantastic time to fish the Delaware, as the water temperature begins to rise, and the trout start to get more active. Anglers should keep an eye out for early season hatches, such as the Blue Quill and Quill Gordon.

  3. Esopus Creek

Esopus Creek is an excellent fly fishing destination in the Catskill Mountains, offering a mix of wild and stocked Brown Trout. As April rolls around, the water temperature increases, and the fish become more active. Esopus Creek is also known for its early season hatches, including the Hendrickson hatch, which typically occurs in mid-to-late April.

  4. Ausable River

Located in the Adirondack Mountains, the Ausable River is a fly fishing haven for anglers seeking wild Brook and Brown Trout. The West Branch of the river is particularly popular due to its picturesque pools and riffles. In April, the Ausable River is a prime location for early season hatches, such as the Blue-Winged Olive and the Little Black Stonefly.

  5. Neversink River

The Neversink River, another gem in the Catskill Mountains, offers an exceptional fly fishing experience for Brown and Brook Trout. The river's wild trout population is carefully managed, ensuring a thriving aquatic ecosystem. In April, anglers can anticipate the Hendrickson and Blue Quill hatches, which typically occur around mid-month.

New York's diverse rivers and streams make it a top destination for fly fishing enthusiasts, especially during the month of April. With the arrival of spring, these waters teem with life, offering anglers the chance to catch a variety of trout species. The Beaverkill River, Delaware River, Esopus Creek, Ausable River, and Neversink River are just a few of the many excellent fly fishing spots to explore this April. So grab your gear, don your waders, and get ready for a thrilling fly fishing experience in the beautiful Empire State.