Posted by John on 14th Feb 2023

​The Best Waters to Fly Fish in Colorado in February

If you're looking to fly fish in Colorado in February, there are a few great options within a reasonable driving distance from Denver. Here are some of the best waters to fly fish in Colorado during this time of year, along with their approximate driving times from Denver:

  1. South Platte River (Deckers) - About 1 hour drive from Denver The South Platte River near Deckers is a popular destination for winter fly fishing. The water can be cold, but the fish are active and hungry. Look for midges, small mayflies, and other small insects to imitate with your flies.
  2. Colorado River (Pumphouse) - About 2 hours and 15 minutes drive from Denver The Colorado River near Pumphouse is a great place to fish for rainbow and brown trout during the winter months. Look for deep pools and slow-moving runs where fish will be holding.
  3. Blue River - About 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Denver The Blue River is another popular winter fly fishing destination. It can be crowded at times, but the fish are plentiful and willing to take a fly. Look for midges, baetis, and stoneflies to match the hatch.
  4. Elevenmile Canyon - About 2 hours drive from Denver Elevenmile Canyon is a beautiful stretch of the South Platte River with plenty of fish. Winter fishing can be challenging here, but the rewards are worth it. Look for fish in deeper pools and runs, and be prepared to change your flies often.
  5. Arkansas River (Pueblo Tailwater) - About 2 hours and 15 minutes drive from Denver The Pueblo Tailwater section of the Arkansas River is a great place to fish for brown and rainbow trout in the winter. Look for fish in the slower moving water and be prepared to fish deep.

Remember to dress warmly and be prepared for winter weather conditions when fishing in Colorado in February. Also, reach out to local fly guides for a great time. Good luck and tight lines!